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Trish Zenczak


Trauma-Informed Education

Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs)

Trish Zenczak, Trauma-Responsive Education Specialist; Speaker, Christian Educator Coach & Author

The Society's Child Podcast

Biblical Encouragement | Trauma-Informed Strategies | Mental Health Tips

  • Are you feeling stretched to the limit on time so the demand for connecting, understanding and responding to your troubled students gets pushed to the back burner?

  • Do you feel you have little understanding and resources of how to apply the trauma-informed strategies you’ve learned and you keep asking yourself, “now what?”

  • Do you find yourself alone in a sea of “traditional approaches to student behavior” and yearn for simple ways of applying the new trauma-responsive strategies in your classroom?

  • Do you find yourself triggered by your own students’ behavior with a tendency to respond to students the way you grew up only to find yourself blowing up after things pile up, letting emotional tension build?

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This podcast, The Society’s Child Podcast, is a sanctuary for Christian educators seeking solace and strategies in the realm of trauma-informed education. This is for educators who have felt the strain of time limitations, struggled to implement trauma-informed strategies, or yearned for a community that aligns with Christian values. 

You will find heart-driven conversations tailored for school environments. You will find a balanced blend of Biblical encouragement, evidence-based trauma-informed strategies, and actionable mental health tips that will empower you in creating trauma-sensitive schools.

You’re not alone in this journey. Society’s Child needs you—you are invited along to help make a difference, one classroom at a time.

Mission: To empower Christian educators in trauma-informed education, so they can create trauma-sensitive schools and positively impact the lives of their students.

We aim to build a community for Christian educators, offering insights, support, and a transformative journey that leads to creating Christ-like compassion in the classroom.

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