The world is five months into the COVID-19 season, and the traditional way of doing things is quickly becoming a pastime.

  • Service organizations are yearning for new ways to reach their audience.
  • School administrators are seeking creative ways to launch the new school year.
  • Teachers are transitioning into virtual teaching.
  • Students are adjusting to online learning.
  • Employees are missing the workplace camaraderie as they work from home.
  • Employers are seeking ideas to boost employee morale. 

One pathway to solving these critical needs is by updating, redirecting, and enlivening your online presence and methodologies. It’s time to reinvent and take charge of how your business shows up and succeeds in this new system of things.

Yes, colors and branding matter, but it’s more than that. There are other major things to consider in order to create this striking and captivating presence.  Remember, it’s about being trendy, eye-catching, and rousing! 

Online business is booming!  Pay attention to these areas and you’ll be booming, too.


YouTube and TikTok are rising in popularity (ok there’s a hiccup right now with TikTok, but I suspect it’ll get worked out).  Anyway, video is the way to go. 

Could this be the beginning of the end of the written word?

Interesting nuggets I’ve recently heard: 

  • Facebook has set its algorithm to encourage more video. 
  • Blogs with a video invite 300% more traffic!

Truth or not… it seems that Google appreciates video. It’s the way of the future.   

2.   Extreme creativity wins the game!  Think outside the box.

You can watch almost any social media platform and appreciate the video creativity.  Some catch your attention and some are easy to scroll right on by.   Why?

The videos that stand out are getting funnier, more careless, extremely catchy, and “quippy” – they are unique to our older tv sitcoms.

To keep up…You must be engaging, dynamic, and different.  Figure out how.

3.  Purpose Leads to Focus.

What’s the point?  As they say, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Have it mapped out.  Videos that ramble and go on too long can lose viewers.  Edit well.

Stay on point and keep it focused. Start with an outline and stick to it.  Practice, practice, and practice.  Have a conversation with your audience as if we were sitting right in front of you, but keep it focused. 

DO NOT READ (or sound like it!)  – It’ll hypnotize your audience.

Decide if you’ll be entertaining or informative – then you must match that to your message and audience. 

4.  It’s about the customer, your target audience.

There is one question we should all be asking about our target audience – What do they really want or need?  Getting to the core of this is difficult to do. Societally, we are “surface” thinkers.  

It’s time to go deep. 

Emotions.  Motives.  Empathy. Connection. Vulnerability. Transparency.  Do internal and reflective work.    

5.  Do something no one is doing

Originality is an opportunity for motivation AND it’s necessary!  How can you do something no one else is doing?  How can you be “you-nique”?  Turn the idea upside down?   Ask all those around you for forward-thinking ideas. 

Don’t do it the way it has always been done!  Go out on a limb.

6. Give the people what they want.

Your target audience needs something from you.  You GET them. They are asking for your expertise, but they want your connection, your resources. Your wisdom.  They want to be seen by you, heard by you, and spend time with you. 

How can your target audience feel you through your online presence? 

7.  Reflection

Take time deliberately to review your content with intent. Be open to assessing and learning.   Be open to changing.  Don’t let fear intimidate you let it motivate you to learn.

Your online presence can fall as flat as the words on paper if you are not intentional and assertive about adjusting, engaging, and connecting with your audience. 

Want to know more about how to overcome the overwhelm in producing a video to get on top of your game? 

Now more than ever!  Be bold and be unique with your online presence.

Want support and encouragement to get that video done? 

Want a “review” area to share your creations and get feedback?

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