Motivation is a Blessing!  …and a curse.  When it’s working it’s working.  When it’s not, it’s hard to get unstuck.  Check out this video on three things to consider when looking to kickstart your motivation be encouraged on how to get moving

woman holding a cup of coffee

Feeling stuck or paralyzed?

How do you even begin to get up and going when you are feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed with emotion, sluggishness or a huge case of “I don’t wanna’s”?

Focus on Your Dream.  Why do you want this?

Why am I doing this?  Why do I want to be motivated to complete this task?  What is my end goal?  Does that “Why” motivate me enough to get it done?

What is the best motivator for you?

How well do you know yourself and what motivates you?  Goals-setting work?  Money or shopping treats?  Do you need personal accountability?

What intentions can you set?

Finding concrete ways to set intentions and concrete systems will help you get done what you need to do. These will set into motion the action needed to move you forward..

Get accountability by joining a group of like-minded people working to stay motivated. 
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