Super Empowered You!

You received a calling, nudge, whisper, or urge.  ✅
You listened and leaned into your purpose. ✅
You created your business. ✅
You did all the “things” to set it up. ✅
Then, s-c-r-e-e-c-h!  All of it came to a deafening silence …
You can’t go live.  You forget your words. You are bound up in fear.  You can’t even push the button. You don’t have time. You are afraid of what your friends will say.  You don’t even know where to begin.  
So…no one followed you.  

Sound familiar?

No worries.  I can guarantee you’ll learn some tips, tools, strategies and “hacks” for going live, creating video, speaking on camera, and confidently engaging your audience. 

Learn how to stand out from the rest, because YOU are SUPER-EMPOWERED! have an internal finesse and essence that is YOU-NIQUE to you–and only you.  It is your super-power and you only have to learn how to use it to make it work for you.   It allows you to tap into your God-given talent, know-how and must-do’s to make an influential difference and step up with certainty.

You have a gift, you have a resource, you have a message, you have a craft, and you have a client who wants to connect with you.

With a little tweaking, in no time, you’ll develop and outstanding confidence that will propel you and your business forward.  You will be able to engage with lasting OUTSTANDING IMPACT!

Step in, step up and stand out! Want to learn how? Join other like-minded influencers in our Facebook group, Super Empowered Entrepreneurs – Women with a Purpose.  There you will find support, resources, tools and processes that will help you gain confidence as you go live and connect with your unique audience.

Super Empowered YOU Core Values


Relationships are key to engagement and followers. Learn ways to personally connect with your audience and foster those connections into paying clients.


Having faith is essential to being a purpose-driven and super empowered entrepreneur.  As Christ followers, we have an ignited power within us that helps us propel through any situation. This power is divine and when empowered, we can accomplish anything in His will.


Self-assessment, audience assessment, self-awareness, and self-development are all examples of implementing sensitivity in business.  These critical components help exercise the muscle of being in alignment with our purpose,  intention, and focus.  


It’s time to stand out.  We must capitalize on our uniqueness and lead with out-of-the-box thinking.  Learn how to step out in the virtual world with confidence, consistency, creativity as you maximize all the positives in your personality, potential and purpose so you can leave an impactful footprint in your field.