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About Me

Meet Trish Zenczak

Compassion Advocate | Teacher | Foster & Adoptive Mom |

Trauma-Informed Education Specialist

Trish Zenczak is a survivor of complex childhood trauma and that fuels her passion to help educators help students. Through her personal experience as a foster child and a resident of group homes, through her parenting experience with children with special needs, and through her professional experience as an educator, Trish developed a passion for empowering others to help children heal.  

Her unique prospective provides educators with insight into how trauma affects learning and behavior. With compassion and wisdom gained through personal recovery, and further training, Trish decodes challenging behaviors and shares techniques for creating safe, nurturing environments where students can thrive.

By sharing her story and translating trauma-informed research into doable classroom practices, Trish equips Christian educators so they can become a source of stability, trust and restoration for the children in their care. Her goal is to launch a global movement where campuses across the globe embrace trauma-sensitive approaches to transform the lives of society's most vulnerable youth through Christ-centered care, understanding and hope.

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Dump Your Junk!: 30 Days to Quiet Leadership

Finally, A Down-to-Earth Process for Removing Barriers and Obstaclesto Discovering Your Inner Leader Trish Zenczak is one of America's truest survivors! As a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse she has overcome the need for angry rages, spiteful behavior, feelings of abandonment, and resenting those who left or victimized her. Remarkably, she found a way out of her promiscuous, partying lifestyle filled with destructive relationships by making wise and healthy choices to "clean up" in order to live a more positive and influential life of helping others.

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